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Each month, we pick our favorite Youngster and tell you why they're the f*ckin' best. 

March - James D Clark

Yes. I know. I missed January and February. I forgot. Sue me. To be honest, it's gonna happen again and again. ​

We're not here to talk about me. We're here to talk about March's Youngster Of The Month - James Clark. 

What do we know about James? Not much. He's the first non-fictional Youngster - meaning he's a real person. (Sorry, Nails...)

What we do know is that this guy knows and loves him some Neil. A constant contributor on our facebook page. Always shares the posts and comments about the albums. His cover photo is literally a picture of the Rust Never Sleeps vinyl for crying out loud. He got the top fan badge on our FB page almost immediately. It's a no brainer that he'd become Youngster of The Month. (I'll be honest, it was between him and John Locke, but he came up on this week's episode so he wins this time. Don't worry though, Locke. I got you in the pocket for next month. Or three months. Whenever I get to it.)

Anyway, congrats to James Clark! A true Rusty; A Neil fan to the end and March's Youngster of the Month.

James Clark.jpg

DECEMBER - Nails Lofgren

For our first ever "Youngster of the Month", we had no choice but to go with our pal, Nails Lofgren.* 

Frequent guest and long time sponsor of the show, Nail's has proven he's a Youngster through and through.  How big of a Neil Young fan is he? To be honest, we're not actually sure. We know he definitely loves "Coming Apart At Every Nail" and that he's possibly somehow related to legendary guitarist Nils Lofgren, but other than that we really have no idea. 

Nails is also a perfect choice for December because he's a lot like Santa Claus. Except instead of toys he gives nails. And instead of leaving him cookies and milk, he prefers you leave him old nails. And instead of the north pole, he winters somewhere he calls the "North Nail". And instead of reindeer, well, you get the idea. 

So this month we salute you, Nails! Founder of both the Nails Emporium and the infamous Carni-nail. Thanks for always being there to help us test our phones before interviews. You're forever in our hearts, and your jingle is forever stuck in our fucking heads. Congrats on being December's Youngster of the Month.  N - A - I - L - S - NAILS



*Not to be confused with Nils Lofgren - legendary guitar player and actual friend of Neil Young...


Pictured Right to Left: a nail, a hammer, Nails Lofgren

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