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The Long May You

Hey Youngsters! It's Mike!

Thanks for checking out the website and thanks for listening to the podcast! That's assuming you found your way here by listening to the podcast. Or maybe you were looking for some kind of Ponce De Leon "fountain of youth" and stumbled across this? Um, yeah...sorry about that. But listening to Neil will sometimes make you feel young!(no pun intended) There maybe times he might do or say something that will make you so angry that you'll want to stomp a 12 pack of Squirt. Nothing like a little rage to make you feel ALIVE! That's why we love him. Fuckin' Neil, man.

We have big plans for the site! Well, not "big" like landing a man on the moon or inventing an electric car, but we'll be adding stuff as we move through the Neil-sphere. Upcoming attractions will include a glossary of LMYY terms, a cocktail recipe page so you can follow along with our drinking "problem". As well as more videos and blog posts. We still haven't received the ok for selling David Crosby Whale Bone Mustache Combs yet(you'll need the glossary for that one.) But we do have some nifty merch you can peruse here.

Also, please feel free to send us feedback, corrections(of which I'm sure there will be many), or any other Neil nuggets you want to share. We want you to be part of the show! You can contact us directly here.

Finally, please tell your friends about us, even if they don't know who Neil Young is. They should! We're probably not the best introduction to the man but tell them to listen anyway. Word of mouth is still the best. Also please rate and review us wherever you listen to podcasts. If you give us a five star review we'll read it on the show!(Regardless if it's actually good or bad)

Thanks again! CHEERS!

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