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Luke Is Basically A 12 Year Old

If you have been listening to the podcast for a while you know that co-host Luke Condon is the king of Dad Jokes and has an unhealthy obsession with semen. That started with his juvenile interpretation of a lyric from the titular track of Neil’s biggest hit album, Harvest.

“Dream up, dream up, let me fill your cup with the promise of a man”

A beautiful line from a beautiful song almost ruined by the musings of an inebriate, man-child brain.

Since then, Luke has blazed a trail of inappropriate statements concerning bodily fluids through this podcast and we apologize for that. It has reached the point where Mike is including possible places in his show notes where Luke may utter an embarrassing remark.

For instance, while preparing for the Sleeps With Angels episode, Mike was so sure Luke would insert a tasteless non-sequitur while asking both he and his brother Russ what they thought “the magic touch” was from the song “Change Your Mind”, that he wrote it down in his notes:

But when the opportunity presented itself, it was not Luke, but his brother Russ that injected the juvenalia. Just when you think you have them figured out. They go and change it up. Just like Neil.

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