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"If You Can't Nail It, We Sure Can!"

Our first sponsor of the Long May You Young Podcast(although he did pay us in nails) and nail aficionado, Nails Lofgren, alleged half brother of the incomparable Nils Lofgren, sent us these nifty shirts! We will proudly wear these and support a local business that is essential to the community. If N-A-I-L-S Emporium didn't provide such a quality product we would Neil says, "Coming apart at every nail!"

Make sure you stop by and get the nail you need, when you need it! Just don't ask Nails for a screw. He gets a little irritable when you do.

Also, legend has it that if you utter the name Nails three times in a row, he'll show up with two bags; one filled with nails and the other with Italian Subs.

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